What is it that clients are most concerned about when they need a Solicitor? Apart from professionalism and service? Yes it's Legal Fees.

Peace of Mind

At mosshaselhurst we offer clear and transparent information about funding and we offer flexible arrangements to suit your needs.   We believe that access to Justice should not be denied to those who need legal help but who also need time to pay.

Free Interview

We offer a free interview of up to 30 minutes duration for new business clients under the Law Society Scheme “Lawyers for your Business”.   Whether it is advice on Premises, Contracts, Staff, Employment Issues or starting up a small business – we are here to help.

Fixed Fee Meeting

You may want to chat about a legal issue that is troubling you or you made need a review of your case and advice as to the best way forward – we are here to help.

If you send us a one page summary and up to 10 pages of documents we will review them in advance and then meet you for up to 30 minutes to chat through the issues, review and advise as necessary - we are here to help.

We will then ask you to pay the fixed fee upon arrival and before your meeting.

Legal Expenses Insurance

You should consider whether you have any insurance policies which might provide cover for your legal costs and these might include the following:

  • Employers’ Liability
  • Union Benefits
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Motor Insurance
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Household Insurance
  • Credit/debit cards


It is normal practice to ask clients to make payments on account of anticipated costs and disbursements.

It would be helpful if you could meet such requests promptly but if you have any difficulty please let us know.

If you pay money to us on account of costs, we retain the interest on such money. We may deliver bills to you at regular intervals for work carried out during the conduct of your case. This assists our cash flow and enables you to budget for the costs.

You will understand that if payment is not made we must reserve the right to refuse to do any further work. The full amount for the work carried out up to that point must be paid for.

Accounts should be settled as soon as possible but in any event within 7 days.

We may charge interest on unpaid bills and will do so at the rate payable on judgement debts from one month after delivery of our bill.

If you cannot afford to pay out your Legal Fees “up front” and no other form of funding is available then in appropriate cases we can consider accepting payment in up to 10 instalments without charging interest. This is effectively a loan to you to help you resolve your problems and is available in cases involving Family Matters, Employment, Tribunal or Court Proceedings. You must discuss and agree terms before we start doing any work for you.

Terms and Conditions will apply and instalment agreements will be entered into at the Directors discretion.

You can pay your fees by the following methods:

  • Cash to a maximum value of £500.00 for any one payment
  • Cheque (allow 7 working days to clear)
  • Faster Payment, Telegraphic Transfer or BACS Payment
  • Instalment payments by standing order

Please ensure you always quote your matter reference number when making payment (at the top of all correspondence sent to you).


For more information see our Terms of Business and Service Guide.

If you wish to take advantage of our fixed fee or free services then please: