Motoring & Crime

We at mosshaselhurst Solicitors have years of experience in dealing with criminal and motoring matters, and can give sound, practical advice upon procedures, evidence, and how best to look after your interests should you be suspected of a criminal or motoring offence.

We have an excellent reputation for our work in the police station and the Magistrates’ and Crown courts, and an in depth knowledge of motoring and criminal law, and the defences available.

We attend all Police Stations and Courts in Cheshire, and are happy to, (and have done) arrange representation at Police Stations and Courts throughout England and Wales.

We deal with offences from the most minor, to the most serious imaginable, and we always have in mind that these offences are important to you, and as a result they are important to us.

That is why an increasing number of clients in need of advice and assistance in police stations or courts are choosing to consult our dedicated team for advice or representation.

Client Care is our priority, and we take our twin duties to be professional and to maintain confidentiality seriously in offering advice and practical solutions to each and every client.

Free advice and assistance is always available for police stations, and may be available in the courts.