Covid 19 lockdown Strained Family Relationships


The coronavirus crisis and the ongoing lockdown are redefining attitudes, lifestyles and behaviours within families and social circles.

These changes may be temporary or they may not but they are certainly putting strain on relationships and can challenge even the strongest bonds.

For couples who are already struggling in their relationships but also feeling trapped by lockdown they may also feel as if they have no one to turn to.

The family team at Mosshaselhurst Solicitors led by David Bannister are very much aware of the importance of providing empathy, encouragement and support to struggling Spouses or Partners in these difficult times.

The inability to engage with people face to face presents particular challenges but our family team have made best use of secure technology to communicate effectively with clients and remain available to continue offering help and support families through this crisis. 

We will continue to promote mediation and other forms of dispute resolution before resorting to the Courts in order to reach agreement on family and family financial issues.

If you need help/support/legal advice call David Bannister now on 01606 74301 or email