Government Agency Delays – Probate/Land Registry?


The job of an Executor appointed in a Will is to gather in assets pay off bills and distribute the money in the estate.


A Grant of Probate is needed before an Executor can wind up an Estate.


Last year attempts by the Probate Registry to “go digital” led to massive delays.


This year delays and problems with the Probate Registry continue to cause distress to families already suffering the grief of losing a loved one.


These problems have arisen because probate staff were already badly stretched before the Coronavirus hit then forced to deal with multiple offices often working remotely.


Similar problems are experienced at the Land Registry.


In either case here at mosshaselhurst we share your frustrations but we know well that all of the chasing in the world either of the Probate Registry or the Land Registry will make no difference even if we spend hours on the telephone for you.


We can only hope that the problem will ease as the Government provides more resource and better staffing.