Landlords - Tenant fees Banned/fines

Landlords – Tenant fees Banned/fines/rent deposits

Landlords beware – you may recall our blog on 24th January last warning that property owners and letting agents in England have been banned from charging fees to tenants who have signed new agreements after 1st June 2019 – the time has come.

There is now a blanket ban on all tenant fees with Landlords facing large fines if they fail to comply and tenants are able to reclaim their money through the courts.  Landlords can be fined £5,000 for a first offence rising to £30,000 for subsequent offences.

Rules on deposits have also changed whilst the government’s current eviction ban continues until 25th June next.  Of course Landlords can still write letters to and serve notices on arising from breaches of Tenancy Agreements ready to issue proceeding in due course when permitted to do so.

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