We all need protection – Lasting Powers of Attorney


Irrespective of age all adults need to take steps to protect themselves, their assets and their families.

At any time we could be isolated, ill, suffer an accident or indeed develop dementia.

A Will is one step to take but another growing in popularity is by giving a very trusted person Power of Attorney so that if the agreed criteria are met that person can make the right decisions with regards to health, wealth and property on our behalf. Again making sure our desires are actioned

Many people of all age groups are now making these decisions in the interests of the future of their children, families older and younger and themselves.

The current Coronavirus situation is having a massive impact on everyone – young and old.

Here at mosshaselhurst we have a busy team ready, willing and able to assist you quickly and efficiently at modest cost.

Despite the lock down, we are in a position to achieve your wishes. If you would like to produce or amend an existing Power of Attorney or create one, we can give guidance, take instructions over the phone, via e-mail and even video conference. 

Please contact Melissa Hamilton on 01606 74301 or e-mail [email protected]

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