We all need a Will

We all need a Will

If a person dies without a proper Will it means that there is no control to ensure who benefits from their estate. This could mean that potentially members of a family with whom there have been poor relationships or, worse still, may have never even met, could receive some part of what has been left.

Surprisingly, more than half the adult population in the UK have not made a Will. This means unfortunately they would die intestate. Many people, even with Wills, have failed to update them meaning people who were not intended to receive anything may in fact receive a share. Specific items, for example jewellery, should be left to a named beneficiary and you should ensure that the care needs of your pets (should the worst happen) is taken into consideration.

The current Coronavirus situation is having a massive impact on everyone – young and old.

Reduced family contact and communication has caught many unawares and further highlights the need for Wills – making sure that the right people inherit.

Here at mosshaselhurst we have a busy team ready, willing and able to assist you quickly and efficiently at modest cost.

Despite the lock down, we are in a position to achieve your wishes. If you would like to amend your Will, or to instruct us to prepare a new Will on your behalf, we can take instructions over the phone, via e-mail and even video conference. 

Please contact Melissa Hamilton on 01606 74301 or e-mail melissa.hamilton@mosshaselhurst.co.uk

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