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Notary Public in Cheshire

Services available from your Notary Public in Cheshire

mosshaselhurst solicitors is happy to assist any private or commercial client requiring the skills of a Notary Public in Cheshire. Besides helping with the notarisation of documents, we can also assist with further legislation – an apostille, consular legislation, legislation at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or respective Consulate.

A small proportion of our clients opt to handle legislation work themselves after consulting with their Notary Public in Cheshire. We provide the Notary stamp, seal and signature, which they get confirmed by taking the documentation to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (or Consulate as appropriate) in person.

This process can be time consuming and frustrating – that’s why mosshaselhurst offers a complete, end-to-end notarisation service. We will provide you with an exact quotation for getting the documents notarised and legalised with no hidden extras. Documents will be returned to you in the post by special delivery.

Legal terms explained

There are different meanings for the term legalisation when it comes to documents so it’s important to know exactly what is required. Do you need to provide your signature on a document in front of a Notary Public in Cheshire or is more needed?

It is vital that you do all that is required to a document before sending it off. If in any doubt, please feel free to contact us for advice and information.

Simple (Notary only) legislation
In many cases all that may be required is to sign documents before a Notary to obtain the required legal effect and acceptance in a country (without requiring an apostille or consular legislation).

In general this applies to all countries that used to be part of the British Commonwealth. Special rules apply to India and South Africa and bear in mind that some other Commonwealth countries require an apostille and/or consular legislation.

In America, an apostille and/or consular legislation may be required particularly in monetary or property transactions. Again please do not hesitate to seek sound advice from your Notary Public for Cheshire, mosshaselhurst solicitors.

This is a seal attached to a document verifying the signature of a Notary Public in Cheshire or other public official. Court seals are registered and court judgements may be apostilled.

If you are getting married abroad or are emigrating, the foreign country may demand that proof is provided for your freedom to marry or take up residency in that country. Your date of birth may also need to be verified.

An apostille certifies that a document has been signed by the relevant official and gives the assurance that the document is genuine.

Foreign Office and consular legislation
In the Middle East many states require Foreign and Commonwealth Office consular legislation – typically a document must be left for 24 hours with the consulate prior to it being returned.

When do I need an apostille?
If there is any doubt as to whether a document will be accepted by a country, or if there is any potential for litigation, we advise that you get an apostille.

Your Notary Public for Cheshire, mosshaselhurst will be happy to assist with all your notarial enquiries. Please contact us for more details.