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Choosing your Executor

Executors are the people (over the age of 18 years) who will deal with your estate after your death. You can choose whoever you like to do this job, but it is an important choice to get right. An Executor can be held liable for errors in dealing with your estate so it is advisable that they seek professional help. This is why mosshaselhurst recommend that a Solicitor is appointed as an Executor or appointed jointly with an Executor of your choice. Choosing a solicitor to act does make sense, as they know their way around legal, tax and property issues. 

What does an Executor do?

Your Executor will collect in all of your assets, pay your liabilities and distribute your estate according to the terms of your Will.  It can be a complicated job and it is not unusual for the process to take several months or even years.  Your Executors may also act as Trustee(s) for any minor beneficiaries or other trusts set up in your Will.

Please think carefully before appointing family members who already have the burden of dealing with your death. People deal with grief in different ways and for most, having to deal with the legal process of finalising  an estate, together with grieving for a close family member, the strain can be a lot to bear.  At mosshaselhurst we understand and sympathise with the families of our clients and strive to meet not just the needs of our clients but the needs of their families too.

For more information regarding Executors or making a Will please contact a member of mosshaselhurst’s Wills team on 01606 74301.