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Dispute Resolution

mosshaselhurst Solicitors have the skills and experience to help you to resolve all disputes.

Disputes with neighbours, friends and family are usually difficult to resolve and can be tough to face up to.

Disputes with individuals and firms that have provided a service can be equally unpleasant.

Perhaps you have employed builders or other contractors or have agreed to buy something from a shop which has turned out to be defective? Either way mosshaselhurst Solicitors has the skill and experience to help you find an equitable solution.

Representation at court

Going to Court is always best avoided if possible. At mosshaselhurst Solicitors we will always try and resolve matters through constructive discussion.

Unfortunately this is not always possible and you can rest assured that if Court is the only way to find a solution, mosshaselhurst Solicitors will stand up for you.

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Your service as always was brilliant, I will recommend you again

Mr S L Winsford