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Divorce & Family Law


We are not currently accepting new instructions in family law work as we focus on other core legal services. However, to assist we can refer you to a firm who can help under the Law Share Scheme  https://www.jmw.co.uk/lawshare  Alternatively, we can provide you with a list and contact details of other local firms offering family law services.  Amanda Smith will be pleased to help you in this respect.



Our specialist family law team is well respected and members work from our offices in Northwich and Winsford.  Please direct enquiries on any aspect of Divorce and Family Law in the first instance to Amanda Smith - direct dial 01606 536793 or email amanda.smith@mosshaselhurst.co.uk


Relationship breaking down?   Family splitting up?   Nightmare?   Need a sympathetic ear?

We can quickly recognise the need for a robust approach when sorting out family issues and finances but also we recognise when sensitivity and conciliation are appropriate whatever the issues but always mindful of your best interests.

You can rely on our specialist expertise in dealing with difficult and complex problems in a constructive and cost effective way.  We will always, explore the potential to achieve a sensible negotiated compromise or settlement where appropriate.

If you need help and advice with issues arising from a relationship breakdown we can advise and represent you effectively with:-

  • divorce and separation and dissolution of civil partnerships
  • financial arrangements on separation and divorce
  • arrangements for children
  • pre-nuptial agreements and pre-civil partnership agreements
  • disputes between people who live together