Have you been charged with a Criminal Offence?

Some offences will be considered too serious to be heard in the Magistrates’ Court and will be referred to the Crown Court.

However we do sometimes advise clients to elect to have his/her case heard in the Crown Court before a Judge and Jury where the support of a legal representative is so important.

Have you seen or heard recent media reports about Police Officers being TRAINED to hide evidence which might help a Defendant and his/her team?

You need a Legal Representative who will dig deep to uncover the evidence you require. There is no hiding place for the Police from Sandra Bostock who will ensure that no stone is left unturned to protect you from an unjust conviction.

Sandra Bostock is our Crown Court Manager here at mosshaselhurst.

Should you require assistance with any criminal charges please call our team now on 01606 74301 or email chris.johnson@mosshaselhurst.co.uk