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Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

If you are experiencing problems in your marriage or civil partnership and are considering divorce or dissolution then it is important to obtain expert legal advice. Our family law team has extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of marriage or civil partnership breakdown. Whether you want to start proceedings, have been served with Court documents or simply want to know your options, we can help you.

To end your marriage you must prove to the Court that your relationship has irretrievably broken down and can rely on anyone of five different grounds for divorce. If you seek dissolution of your civil partnership then four grounds are available. There is a restriction on seeking divorce or dissolution of your civil partnership within the first year.

The five grounds for divorce require you to prove that your spouse has:

  • Committed adultery.
  • Behaved in a way that makes it unreasonable for you to be expected to continue to live with them.
  • Deserted you for more than two years.
  • Has lived apart from you for more than two years and consents to the divorce.
  • Has lived apart from you for more than five years or more.

The grounds for dissolution of civil partnership are the same as for divorce except that adultery is excluded.

Whatever the reason for the breakdown of your marriage our family team will help you deal with your problems in a sensitive and constructive way with the aim of achieving a swift and satisfactory outcome.

In most cases proceedings to end a marriage or civil partnership are unopposed and take up to 5 months to complete and usually without you having to attend at Court. 

Our experienced Family Law Team can advise you on the options available and assist you through every stage of the Court process.

We also now offer fixed fees for our divorce and dissolution of civil partnership service.