Compensation for arm injuries varies greatly. Simple fractures of the forearm (£5,800 - £16,800). Less Severe injuries (£16,800 - £34,300) are those which will have resulted in disability but where some recovery is expected. Permanent and substantial disablement (£34,300 - £52,400) includes serious fracture injuries to the forearm(s) that cause permanent disability. Severe injuries (£84,300 - £114,800) that do not require amputation but will impact the injured persons life to a similar degree.  Below the elbow amputation (£84,300 - £96,000) through the forearm which result organic or phantom pains will be awarded compensation at the higher end of the bracket. Above-elbow amputation (£96,000 - £114,800), those leaving a short stump may make the use of a prosthesis difficult and will therefore be awarded compensation towards the higher end of the bracket. Loss of one arm (Not less than £120,000) is defined as amputations at the shoulder. Loss of both arms (£211,000 - £263,000) will cause considerable helplessness and dependence on other people.


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