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Face, Head and Brain


Epilepsy can be triggered by an accident which has caused a bang to the head. Epileptic conditions (£9,000 - £23,000) are cases in which one or two isolated fits have taken place, or where there has been a temporary recurrence of epilepsy, but in which there is no greater risk than usual of this returning in the future. The amount of compensation awarded will depend upon the effect in which the attack has had on everyday life. Established Petit Mal (£48,000 - £115,000) also known as absence seizures, is when a person looses awareness for up to 15 seconds. The level of compensation will be determined by whether the attacks can be controlled by medication and if so how long this will be required, as well as the effect on quality of life and whether this results in behavioural problems. Established Grand Mal (£89,000 - £130,000) affects the whole body causing a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions. There is a permanent risk of recurrence, however this can generally be controlled by medication.

Brain Damage

Minor brain or head injury (£1,500 - £11,000) results in minimal damage in which a full recovery is generally expected, in some cases within only a few weeks. Less severe brain damage (£13,000 - £37,000) should not have a significant impact on the injured persons day to day life. However, recovery is not expected and there maybe some ongoing symptoms such as poor concentration and memory, disinhibition of mood which may hinder lifestyle and future employment opportunities. There may also be a small risk of developing epilepsy.  Moderate brain damage (£37,000 - £192,000) has a significant impact on the injured persons life, generally affecting their concentration and memory. This will have an impact on their ability to work or find future employment. However, in more severe cases this can also lead to an altered personality, have an effect on sight, speech and senses and also cause an increased risk of epilepsy. Moderately severe brain damage (£190,000 - £247,000) will leave the injured person severely disabled, both physically and mentally resulting in the need for constant and professional care. In more severe cases, there is an increased risk of developing further medical problems such as blindness and can also reduce life expectancy. Very severe brain damage (£245,000 - £354,000) will generally leave the injured person with some awareness of their condition. They may be able to follow basic commands, waking patterns and postural reflex movement, however, there will be little response to their surrounding environment resulting in the need for full time nursing care. In some cases these injuries can lead to a persistent vegetative state, in which the injured person is left unaware of their condition, or result in death soon after the injuries were sustained. If this occurs, the level of compensation awarded will be awarded for the loss amenity and will be less than the compensation bracket.

Facial Injuries

Simple fractures of the jaw (£5,500 - £7,500) from which a full recovery is expected.Tempory immobilisation may be required. Serious fractures of the jaw (£15,500 - £39,000) these can be single or multiple fracture which result in permanent symptoms such as pain, difficulty eating, arthritisa and paraesthesia of the jaw area. Simple fracture of the cheekbone (£2,000 - £5,500) a full recovery is expected with a possibility of some small cosmetic effects. Injuries that require surgery will be awarded compensation at the top end of this bracket. Serious fractures of the cheekbone (£8,500 - £13,500) generally requires surgery resulting in permanent symptoms such as paralysis in the cheeks or lips. There may also be some disfigurement. Simple undisplaced fracture of the nose (£1,500 - £2,000) will result in a full recovery. Displaced fracture of the nose (£2,000 - £4,000) may require manipulation but from which a full recovery will be made will be awarded compensation at the lower end of this bracket. Those injuries which require surgery, but will lead to a full recovery, will be awarded compensation at the top end of this bracket. Serious or multiple fractures of the nose (£9,000 - £20,000) require a number of operations and result in permanent damage to the airways, nerves or tear ducts. Multiple fractures of facial bones (£13,000 - £21,000) will cause permanent, facial disfigurement. Le Fort fractures of frontal facial bones (£20,000 - £32,000)

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