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If you have been discriminated against at work then mosshaselhurst Solicitors can help by acting for you in trying to re-establish your self-respect.

The discrimination team at mosshaselhurst Solicitors will be able to help resolve the situation by making your case and seeking appropriate redress.

We offer a highly confidential service which can begin with an initial free consultation of approximately half an hour as at a fixed fee of £120 + VAT to include ready of paper. From this point we can then discuss your case in more detail.

Types of discrimination

Equal pay

Both men and women employees have a right to equal pay. What this means is the same pay for the same work. This includes basic pay and all benefits. As an employee, you are entitled to submit a questionnaire to an employer requesting information about the pay of other employees if you feel that you may have a claim.

mosshaselhurst Solicitors can help in preparing this questionnaire and help you prepare your case for equal pay.

Discrimination on the grounds of sex or marital status

Discrimination on the grounds of sex or marital status is something that mosshaselhurst Solicitors can help you with. Discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnic origin, religion or age.

It is key to know that in looking at discrimination, the comparison does not have to be with a real person – it may be with a hypothetical one.

Other grounds for discrimination

Discrimination on the grounds of disability is another area where mosshaselhurst Solicitors can help. It’s worth noting that legal protection from discrimination starts from the point of recruitment and in some cases may go on beyond, following the end of your employment.