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Representation at the Crown Court

Your case has been sent to the Crown Court and you are due to appear before a Judge and ultimately, a Jury. This is where attention to detail becomes extremely important, as everything said or done will be examined closely.

You need a good, dedicated and experienced legal team to fight your corner. In mosshaselhurst you have that.

The team have many years experience in preparing matters for trial or sentence in the Crown Court.

We always work closely with experienced expert Barristers as a good working relationship is important when working as a team.

We will usually brief an expert barrister to represent you, and will accompany you at conferences (often at our offices) in order to prepare your case, and at Court when your case is being heard.

The Barristers’ Chambers we generally use are:-

Linenhall Chambers, Chester www.linenhallchambers.co.uk

Exchange Chambers, Liverpool www.exchangechambers.co.uk

Legal Aid may be available at Court subject to eligibility.