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Advice at the Police Station

You might have done something stupid, or you might just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, or perhaps a victim of mistaken identity. Whatever the case you are at a police station or custody suite, either under arrest or as a volunteer, and you are going to be interviewed by the Police. YOU SHOULD BE LEGALLY REPRESENTED.

A lot of things may be going through your mind. Do you answer questions? Is the questioning fair? What you tell the police in interview, or do not tell them as the case might be, can have a very important affect on how the case is decided if you are charged and the matter goes to Court. For example, if you fail to give the Police an explanation for your actions which could amount to your defence, it may be less likely that you would be believed by the Court as you did not give that explanation when you had the opportunity to do so. We often find that people who go into a police interview without a Solicitor, give no comment answers as they believe this is the right thing to do or because they have seen it on the TV. There may be situations where no comment replies are appropriate but this can only be decided after taking expert legal advice.

We at mosshaselhurst have years of experience providing good quality advice and assistance in the Police station accross a full range of offences. We recognise that ALL offences are serious to you. We can provide you with the best advice on the offence the Police say you have committed and how to approach the interview to ensure the best outcome whether at the Police station or later in Court.

THE INTERVIEW IS A VITAL TOOL FOR THE POLICE IN BUILDING THEIR CASE. Don’t give them an advantage. CALL US on 07623 972 487. We operate a 24 hour service, seven days a week 365 days a year. Please do not worry about calling us out in the middle of night as we are used to it!  Keep in mind that our attendance is FREE, and we will be dealing with your case WITHIN MINUTES.

That’s 07623 972 487

Free advice and assistance is always available if you are to be interviewed at home, at a police stations or custody suite. Legal Aid may be available at Court subject to eligibility.