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Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you feel unable to manage yourself, you might feel the need to ask a member of the family or a professional or trusted friend to manage your financial affairs.

mosshaselhurst Solicitors can help by preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) for you. We will also handle the registration of this document with the Office of the Public Guardian.

Preparing and registering an LPA means that you will be able to choose who would manage your general and business affairs if you become unable to manage yourself or require their assistance in any event.

Things that would be managed on your behalf will include your property, your financial affairs and your general and business affairs.

The person that you choose to manage these matters is then known as your Attorney – a person that you may change at any time by reviewing you document and signing another document.

Your chosen person (Attorney) would start to manage your affairs either when you choose or when you become mentally incapable (this has safeguards that are governed by the law).

A separate LPA can also be used to cover health and welfare matters so that your Attorney is able to decide where you live and what medical treatment you may need etc. but only if you cannot make such a decision for yourself.

mosshaselhurst Solicitors can help you prepare your documents and discuss the level of power that you would like to give the attorneys.