Probate & Estate Administration

Dealing with ‘the legalities’ when a person dies means that their total estate (all their worldly goods) has to be passed on to their new rightful owners.

A deceased person's estate is made up of all things including money, property and any possessions that were rightly theirs at the time of death.

‘Probate’ deals with the process of adding up the assets of the deceased and deducting any liabilities enabling the net proceeds to be passed to the intended beneficiaries.

Who is responsible?

It is always better, in the event of someone’s death, if there is a Will and an appointed executor (someone who has been previously asked by the deceased to manage their affairs when they die).

If there is no executor then the deceased’s next of kin is normally the one who takes up this role. At this time the next of kin has to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration which will authorise them to do this.

mosshaselhurst Solicitors can help you with this by making the application on your behalf.