Making a Will

Surprisingly, more that half the adult population in The UK have not made a Will which means, unfortunately, they would die intestate.

Simply put, they will die with no control over who will benefit from their worldly goods. Potentially therefore, members of their family with whom they have poor relationships or worse still, may have never even met, could receive some part of what they leave behind.

Those that they are fondest of, who they might well wish to leave their assets to could end up with little or nothing.

mosshaselhurst Solicitors can help in these circumstances by providing a Will that meets your requirements.

Update, update, update

Almost 25% of those who have made a Will in the UK have had changes in their personal circumstances since originally making their Will and have not updated their wishes.

It pays to update your Will regularly as marriage (which normally voids your Will), children, windfalls, investment maturities and divorce, to name but a few circumstance changes, will naturally change your view on what you want to happen when you die.

Dying without having made a Will may likely cause anxiety and stress for surviving relatives.

Co-habiting couples

In the absence of a Will saying so a co-habitee does not inherit your personal estate.

People who live together but are not married could have the house they live in sold from under them if a Will is not made expressing the wishes of their deceased partner in their favour.

Having your name on the title deeds is the best addition to each of you making a Will.

mosshaselhurst Solicitors can advise on how best to make your Will do what you would want in the event of your death.

Married couples

Legally, a surviving spouse does not always automatically inherit that left by the other as it depends on the other family members alive.

mosshaselhurst Solicitors will take care to establish the facts relating to your wishes and ensure that your Will meets your every requirement.

Ensuring your every wish is carried out

You may have specific requirements about what happens to your assets when you die. You may want to leave sums of money to charity, a special friend or relative or you simply want to ensure that the costs of your funeral are covered.

Whatever your needs, mosshaselhurst Solicitors can provide a Will that covers your wishes exactly.