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Motorway Offences

motorbike solicitor has produced a series of Offence Guides geared at helping motorcycle riders and their pillion passengers understand common road traffic offences and the issues facing them should they be stopped by the police.

This page contains our guide to the motorway offences of: reversing on a motorway or driving/stopping on a verge/central reservation.

Reversing on a motorway

It is deemed an offence to reverse a motorbike (or any vehicle) at any point on a motorway – including the main carriageway, hard shoulder or a slip road.

No NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution) is required for offences of or related to driving in reverse on a motorway. (and you are driving when pushing a motorbike backwards!)

Fines of up to £2,500 and 3 penalty points or discretionary disqualification from driving apply to this offence.

Motorway offences?

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In your defence motorbike solicitor will rely on the particular circumstances of your case and the interpretation of the law. You may have needed to reverse to move around an obstacle on the motorway – an exception to the rule may apply in your individual case and as legal experts, we are ideally placed to explore this route.

Driving/stopping on a verge or central reservation

Driving or being stationary on the central reservation or verge of a motorway is an offence.

The ‘verge’ applies to any part of the motorway that is not the carriageway or the hard shoulder.

Driving or stopping on a verge or central reservation may result in a fine up top £2,500, 3 penalty points or discretionary disqualification from driving. Similarly, stopping under a motorway bridge to put on waterproofs is an offence.

In your defence motorbike solicitor may highlight exceptional circumstances – such as an accident, breakdown or sudden illness that requires you to stop. In these types of instances, stopping is only permissible for as long as is absolutely necessary (any longer is an offence).

Unsure of your position? Don’t delay. Call motorbike solicitor for robust advice and the legal expertise you need for motorway offences.

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