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Driving Otherwise than in Accordance with a Licence or No Road Tax

motorbike solicitor has produced a series of Offence Guides geared at helping motorcycle riders and their pillion passengers understand common road traffic offences and the issues facing them should they be stopped by the police.

This page contains our guide to the offences of driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and driving with no road tax.

Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence

It is an offence to drive a motorbike on the road for which you do not have an appropriate driving licence for – whether you are driving without a licence at all; do not have the relevant licence for that class of vehicle; are driving during a period of disqualification; are on a provisional licence without displaying ‘L’ plates and/or are driving in the UK on an invalid foreign licence (generally or for the motorbike).

Causing or permitting someone to drive without a licence is also an offence – for instance, allowing someone to use your motorbike when they do not possess a valid driving licence.

If the authorities show that the vehicle was being driven on the road it is your responsibility to show that a valid licence applied at that time.

Remember, if a motorbike is being ridden without a valid licence this will more than likely invalidate any insurance policy held by the driver, so the charge of driving without insurance may apply.

Offence of driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence?

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This offence carries fines up to £1000, 3-6 penalty points and discretionary disqualification from driving.

Your defence must show that the person driving held a valid licence, or place doubt that the motorbike in concern was being driven on a road or was being driven at all.

Relevant facts must be identified if a reduced punishment or acquittal is to be obtained. If the circumstances were those of genuine emergency, the court may also take this into account.

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No road tax

Riding a motorbike or allowing someone else to ride a motorbike without road tax is an offence.

Riding a motorbike declared SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification) or having paid the incorrect amount of road tax is an offence too.

The following fines and punishment applies:

  • Driving with no road tax – up to £1,000 or 5 times the annual road tax fee (whichever is greater). Paying back duty may also apply.

  • Using a motorbike declared SORN – up to £2,500 fine

    Possible defences may be that you were not the keeper of the motorbike; the bike was stolen; it was not being used on a public road or you were within the ‘period of grace’ following the expiry of your road tax.

    motorbike solicitor urges you to seek specialist legal advice as defences often rely on particular circumstances.