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Unlawful Pillion Riding or Failing to Comply with Traffic Signs

motorbike solicitor has produced a series of Offence Guides geared at helping motorcycle riders and their pillion passengers understand common road traffic offences and the issues facing them should they be stopped by the police.

This page contains our guide to the offences of unlawful pillion riding and failing to comply with road signs.

Unlawful pillion riding

It is only permissible to carry a passenger on a motorcycle on a pillion seat fitted securely behind the rider. The pillion must be able to sit astride the seat with his/her feet on the footrests. If the pillion is too small or short to do so, or the motorbike is not fitted for a pillion then this is an offence.

Usually the rider is prosecuted although occasionally the pillion may be prosecuted as through the offence was theirs.

The Police will decide whether they consider it dangerous if you carry a pillion who is unable to reach the footrests or if there are no footrests – in which case a prosecution for dangerous driving may apply.

The punishment for unlawful pillion riding is a fine up to £1000, 3 penalty points or discretionary disqualification from driving.

You must be able to show you were lawfully carrying a pillion for a successful defence, so proven legal expertise from motorbike solicitor is a must. We will assess the circumstances of your individual case, advise you accordingly and represent you in Court, in defence or mitigation to achieve the best possible outcome.

Unlawful pillion riding offence?

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Failing to comply with traffic signs

The offence of failing to comply with traffic signs covers many scenarios, from overtaking on double or single white lines to going through a red light. Many offences of failing to comply with traffic signs correlate with careless driving.

A Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) is required for failing to comply with traffic signs, unless an exception applies. Please contact motorbike solicitor for more information regarding NIPs.

This offence carries fines up to £1000, 3 penalty points and discretionary disqualification from driving.

Defences for failing to comply with road traffic signs are also numerous – lights may have been stuck on red for instance.

For expert advice and sound knowledge of the law in this area, consult a specialist like motorbike solicitor now.

If you are involved in a scenario of unlawful pillion riding or failing to comply with traffic signs, sound legal advice and expertise may be obtained from motorbike solicitor now. Simply call 0800 046 7911.