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motorbike solicitor has produced a series of Offence Guides geared at helping motorcycle Riders and their pillion passengers understand common road traffic offences and the issues facing them should they be stopped by the police.

This page contains our guide to the offence of speeding.

There are 5 general categories for speeding offences. These are:

  1. Offences committed on roads with speed restrictions of 20, 30, 40 and 50 mph
  2. Temporary speed limits of 50-70 mph
  3. Exceeding the speed limit on motorways
  4. Exceeding the speed limit for the class of vehicle driven
  5. Failing to abide by a minimum speed limit set for a specific class of road

Typically two separate pieces of evidence are required to prove the offence of speeding – usually one of these will be a speed-measuring device such as a speed camera.

Measuring devices may be a Gatso, Truevelo, LTI 2020, Vascar/Police Pilot or a Calibrated speedometer.

A Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) is required for speeding unless one of the exceptions applies. Please contact motorbike solicitor for more information about NIPs and their exceptions.

Speeding offence?

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Speeding offences can incur a fine up to £1000 and £2,500 on motorways, 3-6 penalty points or a discretionary disqualification. Sometimes an unlimited disqualification or a prison sentence may apply in extreme cases – these prosecutions tend to fall under the banner of dangerous driving or careless driving.

The prosecution must be able to demonstrate the offence has taken place by two separate means, in most cases. This is why there are painted lines on the road where there are speed cameras, providing corroboration.

motorbike solicitor urges you to seek legal advice in all instances of speed offences before accepting that you were speeding or were the driver of the motorbike concerned.